RVR Enterprise compliances with some policies that prohibit the user in causing any uneventful activities or making some irrelevant claim.

  • RVR Enterprise can’t be held responsible for any damage post the installation and testing formalities have been completed at subscribers place.
  • RVR Enterprise will not be responsible for slow internet speed post consumption of allocated FUP data limit.
  • RVR Enterprise is not liable for the refund of installation charges for its services and also the period of temporary disconnection is valid for 5 months period only.
  • RVR Enterprise can discontinue providing its services at point of time if the monthly dues are not paid by the subscriber on time.
  • RVR Enterprise offers pre-paid services and compliances with government terms while providing for new connections.
  • RVR Enterprise has all authority to make changes in the plans and charges for services and products without prior notice and as per the company policy.
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